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Author, civil engineer, traveller, property investor, Single Mother by Choice...

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"Imagine how liberated young women would be if society bestowed upon them a belief that you don't need to wait for your Prince Charming, that you can create an extraordinary life just on your own..."

Louisa Pateman

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Just like every other little girl, Louisa Pateman wanted to find her happily ever after.  But life didn’t go as planned…

Louisa, as she is affectionately known, grew up in the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia.  A country girl at heart, she spent her younger years at the beach, climbing trees, feeding chickens, and spending time with her girlfriends.

Conditioned by family and society, Louisa believed her biggest goal in life was to find her soulmate, settle down and have children.  She was happy with this seemingly harmless life aspiration and viewed her aunt and uncle—happily married for over 50 years—as her role models.  So Louisa set out to accomplish her goal, and in doing so prepared the first of many ‘life plans’ to find the one before she turned 30… because 30 just seemed sooo old!


A lover of mathematics, Louisa stumbled into civil engineering, not really knowing what it entailed—but after attending a Women in Engineering seminar in the late 80’s she decided to tick the ‘Civil’ box on her University entrance form, based purely on the attractiveness of the presenter.  And thus began the journey of her successful career, climbing the corporate ladder with job postings across Australia and overseas. 


But despite her best intentions, her life didn't go to plan.  Her amusing escapades are detailed in her book, and thankfully it has a happy ending - but not the traditional Fairy Tale ending...  Louisa decides to redefine happily ever after and becomes a Single Mother by Choice.


Do you feel as if you’ll never find the one? Are you sick of failed relationships? And are you seriously fed up with comments from friends and family hinting that you are getting old and need to settle down before it’s too late?

At 36 years old, that’s how author Louisa Pateman perceived her situation. She was constantly reminded of how her time was running out. Single, Again, and Again, and Again… follows Pateman and her quest to find her happily ever after.

Convinced all the good men were taken, she continually reassessed her aspirations to accomplish her life plan. Feeling defeated after a string of failed relationships and frustrated with her inability to find her soulmate, she re-examined her priorities and played the cards she was dealt. Finding inner courage, she discovered ways to create extraordinary experiences despite her perceived failures.


"...Readers trace Pateman's ever-changing life plan throughout this vulnerable and savagely honest narrative, watching her mindset and philosophy shift in fascinating ways. While this is only one person's story and strategy for finding self-satisfaction and purpose, there is also universal insight here, along with a confident voice and a wickedly sharp pen." 

Self-Publishing Review

Jack Canfield interviews Louisa Pateman, author of Single, Again, and Again, and Again...

Jack Canfield interviews Louisa Pateman, author of Single, Again, and Again, and Again...


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